Mytools 3Style Scooters® RGS-2 Kids Black Three Wheel Kick Scooter - Perfect For Children Aged +5 - Featuring LED Light-Up Wheels, Foldable Design, Adjustable Handles & Lightweight Construction:Mytools
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3Style Scooters® RGS-2 Kids Black Three Wheel Kick Scooter - Perfect For Children Aged +5 - Featuring LED Light-Up Wheels, Foldable Design, Adjustable Handles & Lightweight Construction:Mytools

3StyleScooters Published in October 20, 2018, 4:53 am
 3Style Scooters® RGS-2 Kids Black Three Wheel Kick Scooter - Perfect For Children Aged +5 - Featuring LED Light-Up Wheels, Foldable Design, Adjustable Handles & Lightweight Construction:Mytools

3Style Scooters® RGS-2 Kids Black Three Wheel Kick Scooter - Perfect For Children Aged +5 - Featuring LED Light-Up Wheels, Foldable Design, Adjustable Handles & Lightweight Construction:Mytools

Price:£49.99+ Free shipping

Jason Reply to on 7 July 2017
Needed a new scooter in a rush for my daughters birthday. Being a classic dad I left it to the last minute! My daughter is a tall 8 year old, more 10 years old in height, what left me worrying if this scooter would be to small. I contacted the seller directly who were very helpful when Informed of my daughters height and matter of days left till her birthday. They promised a full refund if it was to small and a rush on the delivery.

Turned up exactly when they said it would and is plenty tall enough.

As to the initiall quality, pretty dam impressive. Its a solid felling scooter with metal bolts and lots of screws really giving the overall feel of a solid construction that folds up to fit into the boot easily. The LED lights work great but obviously are near invisible in direct sunlight but take it out for a spin in the evening or on a cloudy day and its like disco!

My daughter loves it and that's coming from owning a mini micro that this scooter replaced.

As to its long term quality only time will tell but if anything terrible turns up, I.e, wheels suddenly fall of I'll update.

A last note that sold this scooter to me is that they have ALL of the parts at a reasonable price on their webpage if general wear and tear leaves us needing parts in the future.

*Update* One year down the line and a zillion miles later this scooter is still worth every penny. The wheels still light up and no faults whatsoever.
Mr. J. R. Dent
Mr. J. R. Dent Reply to on 18 May 2017
I am rarely impressed enough with a product to share my thoughts! This scooter is exceptionally well designed, manufactured and attractively finished. The handlebar folding mechanism is a simple pull operation allowing it to fold into the vertical position for use. The handlebar height adjustment uses a robust over centre catch and has sufficient adjustment to suit a growing child. The anodised finish on the handlebar stem appears to be durable and is very practical (no paint to wear off!). The wheel quality is very good and the built in lights add to the fun! I am particularly impressed by the quality of the trucks onto which the front wheels are fixed and the twin back wheels seem to aid stability. The assembly instructions are simple but sufficient and well written, and two Allen keys are included to assist with adjustments or wheel tightening. I note that the manufacturer offers a spare parts ordering service on their own website although some items are currently out of stock. Only time will tell but for once it seems I have made a good decision to choose this particular product. Don't hesitate buy one!
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Reply to on 20 March 2018
This scooter is solid, although it's quite heavy, particularly compared with the Mini micro, which we had before. You'll notice the weight if you have to carry it to and from school! My nearly 5-year-old daughter still loves the scooter though, especially the lights on the wheels. The lights get brighter the faster you go. My daughter is quite light (16 kg), and has a bit of trouble pushing hard enough on the brake when on a steep hill.
We accidentally ordered the wrong colour at first, and sent the scooter back to the seller. They were good about the return, and even refunded the shipping cost on the first one they sent out (though not my cost in sending it back, of course).
ed annan
ed annan Reply to on 20 June 2018
I bought the orange scooter at Christmas for my daughter's 5th. To be frank, I had problems with it when the spring broke. I've had to return it and got a pink scooter, and still had problems with that
However, I've given 5 stars because the experience with this company has been first class. They have made modifications to the springs which have caused me a lot of problems, but the company have been amazingly helpful.
They replaced my scooter very quickly, and they have even sent me spare springs in case I have more problems, although these new springs seem much better.
The scooter itself is superb. In the winter, when it's very dark, the wheels are very colourful and bright, so you'll always see your child in the distance, and everyone will be amazed. This makes the scooter worth having, and the customer service makes the whole experience almost painless. I recommend these scooters, especially if the spring issues are now resolved.
R. Harrison
R. Harrison Reply to on 11 May 2018
Probably the best scooter in the world! It's fun, it's fast (so, handy it has a break), it's sturdy, it's a smooth ride, it's easy to steer, the board for the feet isn't too narrow - and that's just my opinion after having a go - I'm nearly 40! It's also got amazing flashing (disco style) wheels - which are very eye-catching. It's easy to fold and adjust. It required no assembly whatsoever. Straight out of the box and away you go - unlike previous scooters I have purchased. I'd like to stress that I bought this for my six-year-old daughter, though wish they did adult versions! ;) I teamed it up with a pink pony scooter head (different seller) as my daughter loves horses. Much cheaper (and less responsibility) buying this than buying a real horse! She is one happy little girl. It's like something out of pimp my ride! Great value for money and my daughter has been on it loads. She says how much better it is than the other two scooters she's had.
Matthew B
Matthew B Reply to on 25 December 2017
Lovely scooter with great lights in the wheels. Very easy to put up and down. The down side is the break, it seems doesn’t seem all that effective, a lot of pressure is required to stop it and even then it’s not quick. We have had other males before and all have had really good break. Kind of important I feel.
M. R. Davies
M. R. Davies Reply to on 28 November 2017
This is just superb. My sons friends who had the multiple hundreds of pounds scooters have all now asked their parents for this one as it is rather cool. (We have it in black). Its well made and the lights on the wheels are a mark of genius for road safety.

I just wish it came in adult size! :)
Elly Reply to on 17 April 2018
I rarely write a reviews but this I decided to share! I really love this scooter and my boy too 👍🏻☺️ Quick delivery, well packed, nicely made, good colour ( blue), good handles and wheels, good stady platform for childs feet, generally good buy!!!!!!!!!
Mr. David D
Mr. David D Reply to on 27 December 2017
Great Scooter for our Granddaughter, the only issue was the "build" instructions were not perfectly clear which caused some confusion in the first place. Other than that its a great scooter which has already had quite a bit of use, whizzing round the house and then also a trip to the park before going home to Mum & Dad on Boxing Day. Love the wheels which light up when going round...
Demelza Hampshire
Demelza Hampshire Reply to on 8 November 2017
Great scooter, bought for our daughters 5th birthday and it will definitely lady for a good few years. Lights on the wheels look great. The leaning to steer took a few scooter rides to master, but she's got the hang of it now and it does look a lot more stable than the cheaper scooters.
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