Mytools 8 in 1 Delights Twist Dental Sticks for dogs 2-12 kg, 35-Piece:Mytools
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8 in 1 Delights Twist Dental Sticks for dogs 2-12 kg, 35-Piece:Mytools

8 in 1
8 in 1 Published in October 20, 2018, 3:56 am
 8 in 1 Delights Twist Dental Sticks for dogs 2-12 kg, 35-Piece:Mytools

8 in 1 Delights Twist Dental Sticks for dogs 2-12 kg, 35-Piece:Mytools

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Silver Reply to on 22 August 2017
My greyhounds love this chew. Its unique because, it has these grooves, which helps this chew roll to the back teeth, deep cleaning, in the most difficult places, where its hard to reach with the toothbrush. You get 35 sticks and they are made with natural hide, parsley and chicken.
In my experience, these are the best chews on the market!
Corrine M
Corrine M Reply to on 13 March 2017
I have a 18.5 kg Staffy and a 3.5 kg toy poodle - both my dogs love these! The Staffy gets through these much faster than the poodle (no great shock there) and to be honest the Staffy will eat pretty much anything. The success for me is that the poodle loves them and she can be a little madam at times, she is one of those dogs that gets 'bored' having the same thing more than 2 or 3 days, add in her size and it is difficult to find a chew which occupies her for a while that she can actually eat; especially as they have to have the same chew.
Both dogs have had one every day since I got them and they appear gentle on the tum and neither has had any 'choking' etc, great for the Staffy as she tends to swallow pieces that are too big for her to swallow, and I get some peace for a while.
I have just ordered a second pack.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 19 November 2017
My cockapoo puppy is now 11 weeks old. These sticks were great when he was 9-10 weeks old. Now he is eating about 1/5th of it before accidentally swallowing the whole thing. I thought it was just a one time accident yesterday but then today he struggled to breathe for about 5 secs as i put my hand down his throat to bring it back out. I don't know if others faced the same issue. I suppose I can't really blame the product? More so an issue with my pup being a dummie.
evemarine Reply to on 31 December 2015
Even the fussiest dog who isn't mad on rawhide will surely like these. Both my big and tiny dogs love them. Smaller and bigger versions are available for different size dogs, as well as ring shaped ones which may be good for dogs who chew the knots off the ends of bone- shape chews and swallow. Rawhide is fabulous for keeping teeth clean, unlike so called 'dental' treat/chews, which I think tend to disappear too quickly to have any effect on the teeth, and much safer than bones. If your dog is young or unused to chews, make sure you supervise at first as some dogs literrally 'bite off more than they can chew' usually causing no more than reguratation and enthusiastic re-chewing... Yuk but they love... Dogs seem to start off desperately trying to get at the dried meat wrapped inside, then as they go the hide softens and becomes attractive as well, so as I said great for dogs who are not usually excited by plain rawhide... i.e. mine... :-)
SB Reply to on 30 April 2016
These are quite good, just the right size for my bichon and clearly tasty to begin with. They are good value for money and appear to be good quality. My only issue is that once he has extracted the tasty meaty part that spirals round the hide stick he tends to leave the stick around, which rather defeats the dental benefit aspect. This may well be due to the strange character of my dog who also uses his sticks as ritual objects, placing them in the centre of doorways or at the top of the stairs., scary ...
Anne Royal
Anne Royal Reply to on 22 October 2015
Even sniffy miniature Schnauzers - difficult to impress normally - like these. They take about 15 minutes to chew through them, and so they make a perfect mid-morning snack for my (perhaps overly?) pampered pooches. I first tried the much larger, more pricey ones, but they made my two small to medium-sized dogs choke! So be warned, and don't order the bigger ones for smaller dogs. These are the perfect size, and clearly delicious to canine gourmets.
Sweaty Betty
Sweaty Betty Reply to on 5 December 2016
8in1 Delights Twist Chicken Sticks, 35-Piece

My dog loves these chews, they are his favourite and a great deal too.
Please feel free to ask me any questions you like regarding the chews is you wish :)
Was my review helpful to you ? if so, please press the "Yes" button to say so, thank you.
Tinksjane Reply to on 6 July 2015
My Yorkies are only 5 months old but they truly love these sticks, they have roughly one a day each! keeps them busy for ages as they love to chew to get the meat out of the twist, this takes some effort and is a good way to get those teeth clean too! Easy to keep fresh in resealable bag and they love them and don't seem to go off them, everyday they sit and wait for their early morning fresh chew stick munch! Hope they keep making these
Clockwatcher Reply to on 23 December 2016
I regularly buy the large pack of these sticks because my dog just loves them. They are his daily treat and he sits and really behaves nicely when he sees me get them out of the cupboard.
I got these little packs for his Christmas present - yes I know what you're thinking & you're right!
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