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The Best Of Kylie Minogue:Mytools

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue Published in October 20, 2018, 5:09 am
 The Best Of Kylie Minogue:Mytools

The Best Of Kylie Minogue:Mytools

Price:£9.10+ £1.26 shipping

Orly Music Lover
Orly Music Lover Reply to on 19 July 2014
Nice little one CD Best Of now Ultimate Kylie from 2004 is out of license. Contains further singles from X and Aphrodite, including the divine All The Lovers and the very fun Wow from 2007.

Strange track list from the PWL days, no Hand on Your Heart for example and the inclusion of the average cover Celebration over sublime singles such as What Do I Have To Do. And why was ace 2012 one off single Timebomb missed off?

But still 21 tracks squeezed on to one CD and this can be picked up for £5 or less. Bargain.
Chroma63 Reply to on 28 August 2018
Great CD/DVD compilation. A varied mix of Kylie's early hits
D. J. M. Hardie
D. J. M. Hardie Reply to on 30 August 2017
happy songs
P. S. Malcolmson
P. S. Malcolmson Reply to on 27 June 2017
Great cd with the classics
trond jessen
trond jessen Reply to on 9 January 2017
Very good
Phil Reply to on 17 September 2015
My daughter loves it, hence the 5 stars. Problem is, now I can't get it out of my head,
Ms. C. Martin
Ms. C. Martin Reply to on 16 November 2014
All the hits of Kylie that you know and can sing along with -a sure winner for a gift or to play in the car
peter j pate
peter j pate Reply to on 3 March 2014
Another great album this really is great I have a huge cd collection and this was a fantastic edition to my growing collection 100% recommended
cher Reply to on 3 June 2016
Very Pleased xxx
Jeff Fernandez
Jeff Fernandez Reply to on 29 February 2016
What can I say....marvellous
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