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Heathers [VHS] [1989]:Mytools

Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder Published in October 20, 2018, 4:31 am
 Heathers [VHS] [1989]:Mytools

Heathers [VHS] [1989]:Mytools

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PHIL waller
PHIL waller Reply to on 10 September 2018
wonderfull movie ,awsome upgrade in colour and picture quality from vhs n dvd of past editions ,loads of extras ,also quality booklet with bluray ,recomended awsome edition
Anon Reply to on 14 September 2014
This is my favorite movie!

Tells a tale of a high school ruled by a clique, the 'Heathers', where image is everything.

Murder, swears and action.

I'd describe it as a dark movie, and not a typical teen movie, but it really is a good flick and rumbles up a few laughs and provokes a few thoughts, with the running theme of teen suicide.
Mrs. J. A. Edwards
Mrs. J. A. Edwards Reply to on 5 April 2015
This is a great 80s film. Cristian Slater attacks the bad boy unhinged role with panache and presents Winona Ryder's character with mirror to her feelings and actions. She responds to the challenge intelligently , The film is both funny and menacing with a distinctly american flavour giving rise to redemption for all those who survive.
coached88 Reply to on 6 April 2012
Amadudes , I have not received yet , but have seen this movie hundreds of times !!The Heathers are a clique team and the awesome winona wants out . The Chritian slater character gets in the show and steers her to kill off the Heathers by making it look like suicide !! The humor is quircky and dark . The light aspects are the releationship slater has with his dad as he acts as he is the father and the father acts like he is the son . Love the meaningfully marked up moby dick line !! Watch and see !!!
mariac Reply to on 15 June 2018
becky Reply to on 28 January 2018
classic 80's film well worth watching
Elleppi Reply to on 15 May 2013
Quite well ahead for its times (80s/90s), worth watching for its 2 your charaters, with some cruel and mean moments (almost in reaction to all the s*** that came from the eighties) and some good direction. Not a must have, but a good film
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 July 2017
Product received promptly and as described.
Cheryl Reply to on 17 April 2017
Good quality for a old film, fast delivery
Miss Rachel
Miss Rachel Reply to on 11 March 2015
I thought the DVD was broken and was going to send it back but it turned out it was just the stupid DVD player so it's all good, no probe here, great film
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